Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2 of the conference...

Youth - the leaders of tomorrow!

The conference and the workshops have become more interesting with the energy and enthusiasm brought in by the youth participants. The “Youth Corner” has been set, where collage making, games and other activities are being undertaken by the youth under the umbrella theme of “Sustainable lifestyles and consumption”. The youth is conveying strong messages of how consumption choices can make a difference. The youth has been playing an integral role in all the workshops - when asked about their experiences from the workshop in one word; the answers that were received were- Informative, knowledgeable, different, interesting, thought-provoking, boring and too comprehensive. But overall a lot of learning is being imbibed by the youth through this conference and workshops; the youth is also contributing towards them by sharing their opinions. The youth is indulging into various discussions and deliberations on facebook and twitter page of the conference, and through other social media tools like blogs and websites. One of the youth participants Mr. Hemant Sahal represented the youth, conveying their voices in the plenary on “Education of sustainable development”. He talked about values & principles being communicated through education, he also quoted that “It is not difficult to do the right thing, but to understand what is right”.  The gusto of the youth participants was also seen when they opined themselves during the virtual conference that took place in the evening, between the alumni, e-glo administrators, volunteers, EC members and youth participants from different corners of the world, virtually interacting with each other.
                      - Shraddha Ganwani

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