Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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EC+10: Non-Formal Education Workshop

2010. Imagine. Education for the poor. Education for the rich. Education for everybody in between.
One big classroom. Kids sit together on the floor, reading, writing. We start with the first row: one girl named Alena. Her parents are the owners of a big company, they have a lot of money.
Next to her sits David. His parents are working for a factory in the city. They have enough money to eat every day and to pay the rent, but not much more than that. The last girl in the row's name is Sonia. She lives on the streets of the city, after school she sells little braceletts to earn some extra money.
The three of them are best friends. 

This school provides education for everybody. No matter if they are rich or poor, or something in between. In this world, every child, mother, father, grandma and grandpa has the right for free education with no relation to their background.
Is our world like this? Has every child in every country the possibility to go to school? And every young person the opportunity to go to university? Every adult to continue his studies and to learn new things?
Is education free nowadays? Why have students to pay for their studies? Why are there private schools? Why is there a segregation between rich and poor?
These facts are not deniable.
Why is a world with free education for everybody not existing?
Due to that fact, on the EC+10 conference one workshop will be hold which deals with the Non-Formal Education in detail.
What can we change?

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