Friday, October 8, 2010

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EC+10: School Education and Teacher Training Workshop

Do you remember your school time?
Do you also remember lessons, during which only one person spoke non-stop, and that was the teacher?
Did you sometimes desperatly tried to find the connection between what you learnt and your daily life?
Do you want your children to experience the same?
We are sure about our answer: NO.

Luckily, humans are able to recognize mistakes. And learn from them. This is why a whole workshop on the conference deals with exactly that:  
School Education and Teacher Training.
Education, especially Environment Education, should not be a matter of concern for teachers and teacher trainers only; Education is a public responsibility and a public good. Since youth are the ones supposed to be educated, they definitely should have there bit to say about it. Everybody needs access to free education and nowadays, while environmental issues become more and more important to every aspect of life, it is essential to make ESD mandatory in schools. ESD is not limited to one subject; its aspects have to be considered from different points of view. Therefore it has to be taught in an interdisciplinary way.
It also is of high importance to interlink Sustainable Development with the every-day life of the pupils. SD is not simply a virtuous philosophy; it reaches even into the most ordinary corners.

What do you expect, when you read about this workshop, which are the questions raised in your head? What would you change about the system, if you were in charge?

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