Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Pre-Conference, Cultural Programme, 31st of October: The Kabir Project

We have some NEW exciting news for you all out there: A new cultural act!
The “Kabir Project” is an initiative which started in 2003 and focuses on the mystic poet Kabir who live in North India in the 15th century.
His text are adjusted to today’s topics by using music, film, images and conversations. During the time, the project published various LPs, documentaries and got a great circle of supporters all over the country.

Then you are lucky. You can get a closer look on this amazing project at the EC+10 pre-conference happening. On the 31th of October!

First of all, one of the documentaries: “ Koi Sunta Hai (Someone is listening): Journeys with Kumar and Kabir” made by Shabnam Virmani will be shown . The movie gives an insight in Kabir’s poetry , underlined by amazing pictures and music.
Afterwards you have the possibility to share your opinion and questions with the film maker.

The evening will completely round with the Sufi music of the folk singer Mooralala Marwada of the Meghval Community in Kutch, western Gujarat. He is musically supported by the movie maker Shabnam Virmani.
To get a little impression about their music check out the videos on the left side. For further information about the project we post their homepage link.
Enjoy listening and hope you are looking forward to it… We become more and more excited every day! And what about you??? :)

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