Saturday, October 30, 2010

...2 days left

EC+10: Higher Education Workshop
Only two days before the conference the whole youth-organisation team is busy.
Writing canvas, posters, planning activities,.... And of course not only in our youth department, all over the campus everybody is occupied getting ready and preparing everything that is not fixed yet.
For all the youth participants, the conference already starts tomorrow morning, 10pm, with the pre-conference workshop.
For everybody else (and of course for the not-too-busy-participants also) we have an announcement:
As you probably know by now, one of the workshops will deal with Higher Education.
And since you are exactly the ones directly concerned by the issues of Higher Education, I'm sure you will be interested in joining the discussion on the conference website under
The Earth Charter already is an important tool in some 400 educational institutions all over the world and has been very usefull as valuable teaching intstrument. Is your university one of it?
Share YOUR experience with us: How did you learn about the Earth Charter, was it part of your curriculum? What do you think is the best way to introduce the Earth Charter as tool in the education system?
And what is your answer to the following questions?

Q1. - 'What do you think should be the approaches & strategies to introduce the principles of EC in Higher Education (HE) and the future priorities of HE vis-a-vis the earth charter principles?'

Q2. – ‘considering our interest to incorporate sustainability into HE, how can the Decade of ESD and the upcoming Rio+20 help on these?'

Q3. - 'Do you think that networks at Global, regional and sub-regional levels will be helpful in implementing the EC principles at HE level? If yes, how and which networks?'

Q4. - 'What role should the governments and Authorities Governing Higher Education Systems play to effectively translate the principles of EC into action?'

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