Thursday, October 14, 2010

...18 days left

Happenings at SAYEN:

„We pledge you promise“-Campaign

Where are you guys out there? Are you in India? In south India? Coincidentally in Hyderabad or Bangalore??

Yes? Then you shouldn’t make plans for the next days. No matter what it is, it is not as good as the event we suggest to you!!

The Campaign “We pledge you promise” initiated by SAYEN, CEE and Oxfam India (more information about the organization: follow the links on the right side) started last Sunday, 10th of October and is hold until next Monday, 18th of October  to  mitigate the impacts of climate change - Signatures and support are needed. From everybody!

The claim:

We pledge: Save Energy- Save Water- Use Green Transport- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle- Sow the Seed for a Greener Lifestyle- Plant Tree and Gift Sablings

You promise: invest in agriculture and save lives- sow the seed for a fair, ambitious and blinding deal at COP16, Cancun, Mexico- Help vulnerable communities, especially women farmers to adapt to the changing climate- establish a global climate fund in Cancun which delivers for poor people, particularly women- ensure enough money is made available in Cancun to support vulnerable communities adapt to Climate Change- all states of India to prepare a “State action plan of Climate Change” and ensure food  security of poor people.

Be part of the change and help to ensure that our pledges are done and the promises kept.
For more information check out the SAYEN and Oxfam India Homepages on the right side.

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