Thursday, October 14, 2010

...16 days left

Happenings at SAYEN:

Calling Earth: An IYCN and SAYEN initiative

Remember? Two days ago we had a nice announcement for the people in South India, but we don’t only think about the South. Today it’s the North-Indian's turn. Well, ok, North-West. I’m sorry for you guys in the East! You just have to start something by yourself and we will announce it.

Anyway. Your next Sunday, 24th of October, will look like this:
You take the bus or the train, step out of it in Ahmedabad and come to the CEE Campus - the Centre for Environment Education. After your arrival you enjoy the day focusing on everything which is in connection with our planet earth.

The Major Events are the different workshops, out of which you will have to choose one:
-Climate Leadership Training Programme
-"Walk From Plastics" Marathon
-Climate Conclave: Summit
-Clean Creation: Best out of waste
-Green Screen: Movies
-Climate ke liye bajao/ Reverberations: A Rock band competition

Parallel to these workshops, there are a lot of minor events happening, for example a debate competition, recycling activities, poster making competition, designing a cloth bag or visiting the Prakriti-Bus.
The main objective of this day is to create and spread your awareness in environment - and to encourage you to work and engage in environmental issues.
Come over and enjoy the day with us! You will have a lot of fun.

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Calling Earth: An IYCN and SAYEN initiative

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