Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Role Of Youth In The Conference....

We have been incessantly talking about what youth can do for ethical and sustainable development, but what is exactly to be done and how, is still ambiguous. The initiative has been taken now with the help of this conference, one of the most crucial aspects of this conference is to engage youth, so that they get a platform to opine, to express their views, to put forward the ideas that they feel will help in this process of creating a sustainable world.
Why do we want youth participation? – As we have discussed earlier, the role of youth in development of the world and in saving the environment is extremely significant. We as youth are smart, savvy and we have our stern grounds, we conceive of our own power, we can initiate, influence, decide, and execute. We are the ones who will be responsible for creating a beautiful tomorrow, so why not become a part of this drive and work towards equitable distribution of resources among the countries of the world, and also for the generation that is going to come.
Looking at the role youth will have in the bigger spectrum of life and sustainability tomorrow, we have decided to involve the youth in this planning process that will take place in the conference, where deliberations and discussions will take place to decide on activities to be undertaken to ensure the realization of objectives. We have defined different roles for the youth in this conference, which will lead to their benefit and ours. We have youth as plenary speakers, who will represent the youth in the world, talking about the role of youth, in various aspects of environmental development from formal/non-formal education, to usage of ICT, to spiritual, ethical, religious connotations attached to it, biodiversity, and to how integrated development can take place in cities, communities, countries and in turn the world. We have youth as facilitators who are helping us achieving synergy; we have youth as a part of volunteers and interns who are helping us in organizing this workshop. The objective of bringing in youth from all areas of the education, training, and professions to organize and participate, is to have fresh ideas, and newer ways & methods that can be adopted for creating a sustainable world. 
We recognize the power of youth in today’s world, and their potential to create a difference. It’s time that the youth got the opportunity to voice their opinions firmly, in regards to political, social, economical, and environmental development. We need cooperation from your end, come become a part this conference, decide on what role do you want to play in the conference and offer a helping hand in creating a better tomorrow, for us and for the generations to come.

-          Shraddha Ganwani

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  1. The youth is responsible for taking care of the sustainability today and tomorrow...and we must start putting efforts, what you sow so shall you reap...we owe an apology to ecology...we must offer our helping hand towards development